Utilize Senior Energy (USE)



A recent study stated that the number one pursuit of happy retirees is volunteering.

And, here's why a few of our volunteers chose USE...

"USE found me a great part-time position as a secretary at a Church. I worked there for close to 8 years. I told myself when I retired I wanted to give back, so I now enjoy volunteering at the USE office helping others find work." Marie Palmer

 "It's terrific to be doing something that gets me out of the house and a great feeling to know that I'm helping people find jobs. It's a meaningful purpose and definitely lifts my spirits. Ron Diano

"USE is a great organization. Many older homeowners are handicapped and are very concerned about how they will maintain their homes. I've placed many workers in positions to maintain homes and it feels wonderful to know I'm helping the workers and the homeowners." Anita Gauch

 "I find it extremely fulfilling volunteering at USE and matching up job seekers with satisfying employment.  It feels great to hear from employers and job seekers how much they appreciate our assistance. Just the other day a woman returned to our office and said to me, 'I want to thank you so much. I got a very satisfying job through you. I'm so thrilled to be working again.' It's powerful to know I'm helping to improve people's lives." Newton Klotz 

Do YOU like to help people?

If so, you can enjoy doing that working with USE as we are entirely staffed by volunteers. We will train you to interview applicants, on how to accept job opportunities, and how to make quality matches between job seekers and employers. You will feel great when one of the matches you made results in a placement. All you need to do is commit to a minimum of 3 hours a week between 9:30 AM and 12:30 PM. The office is open during those hours from Monday through Friday.

We are located at 299 Greenwich Avenue, Greenwich, CT, 06830, (at the Senior Center). We can guide you on parking issues.

If you would like to explore working in a volunteering capacity with USE, please contact us at 203-862-6712 and ask for Michael Amoroso (Director) or email: USEstaffing@gmail.com


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