USE stands for Utilize Senior Energy 
Utilize Senior Energy (USE)

USE is a no-fee, non-profit, employment referral service. 

Since 1978 we have referred dependable senior workers to businesses and households. 

Over 3500 people have been placed by USE in a variety of jobs ranging from administrative assistants, bookkeepers, customer service to companions, child care, handymen. Whatever your need, we can help you.  

Placements include temporary, part time, and even some full time positions. 

We interview each candidate in person at our office in Greenwich. 

We match seniors (50 or older) seeking work with employers who wish to hire seniors. 

Qualified job applicants are selected through interviews, skill set and employment history. 

We serve Greenwich, Stamford, Port Chester/Rye Brook and the adjacent communities. 

All of our staff (including management) are volunteers. No one is paid.  

Funding for our community service come from donations from citizens and businesses. 

Leadership of USE comes from a Board of Directors who donate their time and energy to help others.

Visit or contact us at USE, 299 Greenwich Avenue, Greenwich, CT 06830
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